Getting free money can be hard

But you don't have to do it all alone.

You might have thought about applying for various funding options to help grow your business before, but the process seemed too complicated. With this class and Masterclass combination, you'll learn more about how to apply for funding and gain a community of friends to help you as you work through the process.

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You can also get a full year of unlimited consultation calls at half the subscription rate if you enroll in the Quick Questions program along with your class.

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Triple-Shot Grants Bundle

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One price, two great products

With this bundle, you will always have a group of people to turn to when you get stuck on your funding journey. You will also get plenty of hands-on help with your other business writing needs.

Get Free Money and Free Advice

Learn to get free money for your business through writing grants during our 4-week course and simultaneously get a 12-month subscription to our members-only Writing for Business Masterclass!

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